Huntington's Activities

Raising of Equity Capital 

1  by public flotation on Australian Stock Exchange Limited

2  by private equity raising

This includes the design and implementation of due diligence programs for public issues and other acquisitions.

Huntington through its client base and business associates in Queensland has the capacity to raise equity of $3 to $6 million for quality transactions. These commitments can be leveraged using Stockbrokers with whom Huntington has worked successfully in the past and through the association with Pitt Capital Partners. 
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McLean Farms agribusiness, Pittsworth

Raising Debt Capital

Over recent years Huntingtgon has developed a niche in raising of higher risk debt capital which may not be obtainable from the trading bank sector. This is souced from:

1  Unsecured Notes which may be listed or unlisted

2  Hedge Funds which specialise in this form of term debt.

These facilities usually complement bank funding rather than replacing it.

Other Advisory

Agribusiness: advice to pastoral industry clients on all aspects of financial management (financial budgets, cash flow statements, submissions to bankers etc), often for property acquisition purposes. Particular experience in cattle, cotton and mandarins.

Syndicated Acquistions

Huntington is an active investor in buy-out syndicates. We arrange the equity from the purchasing group (of which Huntington may be a participant), the debt financing and co-ordinate the overall acquisition as well as playing a part in on - going management.

Acquisitions and Divestments

Divestments of family companies and divisions of public companies by:
1  outright sale

2  management/leveraged buy-outs

Takeovers of public and private companies. 
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