Why Use Huntington?


Bankability, realism, fee structure

Three features of Huntington's modus operandi stand out:
1  Practical experience across the range of its services. Huntington is quickly able to identify whether a business or transaction is bankable and then assemble the team to implement the transaction.
2  A professional and innovative approach, tempered with commercial realism. Opportunities and problems are often realised and resolved by an evolutionary process rather than a quick consultants fix.
3  A reasonable of fees because of our relatively low overhead structure and principal involvement. Further, Huntington will take equity in clients as part of a transaction fee. 

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Turn-key Service

Huntington can provide a turn-key service, as set out below:
  • Public Listing
We will assess a company's potential for listing and determine acceptable price and terms (ie. quickly identify whether the proposal is bankable). Huntington then co-ordinates the due diligence program and the preparation of the prospectus (solicitor's, independent accountant's etc), plant and property valuations, the auditing of financial statements, printing, underwriting and stock exchange listing application.
  • Divestment
As part of a rationalisation process, directors' may decide to sell a division or perhaps the whole of the company. Huntington would prepare a divestment report on the entity covering pertinent matters for potential purchasers. Target purchasers would then be selectively approached thus minimising disruption to the vendor.
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