Andrew Kemp's Background

Andrew Kemp, executive director

Andrew Kemp is an executive director of Huntington and controls all advisory assignments.

His profile is outlined below:

Chartered Accounting:

In Melbourne (Peat Marwick) and Sydney (Littlewoods).

Investment House Activities:

Nearly seven years with AIFC, the capital markets affiliate of the ANZ Banking group. After nine months in Sydney Mr Kemp opened and built up the Brisbane office. Huntington Group was established in 1987.


Nearly two years as general manager for the North Queensland-based Coutts Group in the mid 1980's. Three years acting as chief executive of Australian Food & Fibre Ltd (a listed company with net assets of approximately $65 million) from 1997 to June 2000, the three years after its corporatisation.


Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University and membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Other experience includes working in the North Queensland cattle industry and private aviation.

Consultants to Huntington:

Huntington has formed associations with a network of consultants to service its diverse group of corporate clients. In addition, it has a wide range of clients and contacts across the breadth of its activities. 

A significant and long-standing connection is with Donald Mackenzie of Aberdour Consulting whose firm provides an extensive range of services including: company secretarial; due diligence process management; audit committee set-up and management; and, annual report preparation.


Major connections and associations

  • Andrew Kemp is currently a director of the following listed companies:

a  Silver Chef Limited (market capitalisation approx. $240 million): provides equipment rental finance to the food services and other sectors

b  PTB Group Limited (market capitalisation approx. $15 million): PTB operates a specialist turbine engine repair and overhaul business (in Brisbane), the IAP spare parts supply business based in Sydney and the global Financing and Rentals business for turbine engines and air frames

In addition Mr Kemp served on the board of G8 Education Limited (market capitalisation approx. $1.1 billion), from March 2011 until March 2015.

  • Unlisted companies:

Investors Central Limited (member of McGeachie group). The group is an experienced and focused financier of motor vehicles (sub-prime sector), head-quartered in Townsville. Huntington is an investor in the Investors Central debt and Andrew Kemp joined the board in August 2014.

Andrew has been a director of the unlisted Firstmac Limited since February 2002. Firstmac is a specialised home loan lender, loan servicer and fund manager, currently managing a portfolio of approximately $6 billion of home loans.

Pitt Capital Partners Limited (a member of the WH Soul Pattinson Group): Pitt Capital Partners is a full service provider of corporate and capital markets services. Its parent, WH Soul Pattinson Ltd, is a long-established investment house with a listed investments portfolio totalling approximately $1 billion. Its major interests are in brick manufacturing, coal mining, food, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and investment.

Pitt Capital provides Huntington with access to substantial underwriting capacity and acquisition expertise and resources.

Stockbrokers: Huntington has worked closely with a number of Queensland-based Stockbrokers, predominantly in its small-cap float transactions.



Queensland Stations Ltd and Coutts properties