Huntington's Expertise

Major transactions handled are summarised below (Huntington holds an Australian Financial Services Licence from Australian Securities and Investments Commission):

Public Flotations and Issues

1  Structured and implemented seven public listings

2  Stuctured and implemented 11 prospectus/due diligence processes for new issues or rights issues

Backdoor Listings and Company Reconstruction's

1  Structured and implemented four backdoor listings. Huntington specialises in forming or locating clean public shells for clients

2  Structured six share buy-backs and capital returns, mostly for listed companies

Raising Debt Capital

Over recent years Huntington has developed a niche in raising of higher risk debt capital which may not be obtainable from the trading bank sector. This is sourced from:

1  Unsecured Notes which may be listed or unlisted

2  Hedge Funds which specialise in this form of term debt

These facilities usually complement bank funding rather than replacing it. We have completed three transactions since 2005.

 PTB Group engine management client, Maldives

Divestments and Acquisitions


1  Four divestments of companies and numerous other divestments of individual assets


1  Acquisition of Queensland Stations Limited by the Coutts Group ($33 million)

2  Acquisition of Heritage Tavern/Stadium Sportsbar complex in Rockhampton by a syndicate of investors including Huntington

3  Numerous other acquisition transactions for individual assets


Other Advisory

1  Advised two separate Queensland-based agribusiness syndicates on financing of acquisitions of companies at the forefront of genetic and animal breeding technology

2  Assisted the Dick David Group, the large Northern Territory-based BP Fuel and Road Trains operator, with capital raising and expansion strategies

3  Acted as chief executive officer of Australia Food & Fibre Ltd for three years after its corporatisation: established the company's core business, divested non-core operations, cut corporate and operating costs by over $2 million per annum and with capital received from divestments (over $40 million) returned capital to shareholders

Cattle being trucked, Queensland